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Hannah B.
United States
As of December of last year, I am now 21--just in time for 2013. Though, I really don't feel 21. Honestly, I don't like the thought of technically being an adult, as I'm still a full on kid at heart, till the end. But nevermind that. I enjoy many things, most of which are just to relax. Admittedly, I even play dress up doll games from time to time. (They're so addictive and fun!) I absolutely love watching movies and reading books. The biggest reason behind that is because you get to leave the real world behind and pretend to live out someone else's life for a little while; going on fantastic adventures and meeting extraordinary people. That's probably why I fell in love with the hobby of roleplaying, when I was introduced to it.

Since I was around the age of 12, I've daydreamed stories (sometimes loosely stringing them together), and I've always wanted to be a writer. The only problem; I'm a huge procrastinator. Oh, and I have this problem where--when I get an idea--I want to try and get it all out in one sitting (which is an impossible feat and I'm simply setting myself up for disappointment/failure), and then I lose interest--either because I become easily stressed out and discouraged, or I feel drained and just want to hibernate for six months. Yeah, not good. I was an ADD kid, so that's probably what's happening here. It's just showing up in another form so that, rather than having random laughing fits and running around the room like I'm high on sugar, I simply put off anything and everything I find too strenuous and/or time-consuming. Hmm... Too much information, me thinks. Oh well... ^^;

Anyway, I'm here because I enjoy art (in almost all its forms), and once in a blue moon I feel confident enough to post my own drawings and picture edits, despite them being extremely crappy in comparison to real artists' work... Eh, whatever. Most of them end up in Scraps, so I don't care. :surrender: :XD:
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Within the last 48 hours, I've logged onto deviantART simply to go through my custom-made folders of my favorite art pieces, and filter them back into the main "Favourites" category--or to unfavorite (and yes, I know that's not a proper word) others I'm not so fond of anymore. To those members that received favorites from me, that's all I'm doing is unfavoriting from my custom folders (like "DA's Best" and "Simple Beauty"), and refavoriting them back into the main Faves list. So no need to thank me twice for favoriting pictures I've already had faved from you for quite some time. From days to years ago. So, to save you the trouble; you're doubly welcome! I faved your work over again because I still enjoy seeing it, and I appreciate your art style.

Love, peace, and kindness~
Hannah :iconfeelingfreeplz:

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